Updated Thursday January 5, 2017 by Len Limongelli.

This division builds on the fundamental skills that were developed in T-Ball and 7U and is a kid pitch division.  This is the first chance for players to experience playoffs and travel baseball tryouts.  This is also the first age group where players can experience Cal Ripken post season tournamnet competition.

Players will have the opportunity to play all positioins and further develop their skills.

Games will be held on Saturdasy and during the week.  There will also be practices during the week.

The season will consist of approximately 10-12 regular season games plus a playoff bracket, crowning a champion in early June.  Trophies will be awarded to the Division Champion and Runner-Up.

Division Director - Nate Shaffer

All games are played at the Caiola Baseball Park.

Ripken Division Player